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Swagbot Interview

Swagbot has been working closely with the school for some time now. You’ll find this G here on any given day teaching up a storm or just Crip walkin throughout the studio. If you see him spinning at the Chronic Cantina Gastown just walk up and say hey, you won’t be disappointed. He’s a chatty Cathy.

Let it be known that this track “Gettin High” is an exclusive to this interview. A true testament to the dedication and enthusiasm that this man put’s into every project he’s working on. Read on, get familiar. Oh, he’s down with the 80’s.

SwagBot. Is there a storey behind the name?

Kinda, not really it’s just a name my buddy would call me, after a while I just started using it as my alias.

Years of age?


You’re a Calgary dude. When did you make the move to Raincouver and why?

About 6 months ago. I always had my sights set on Van, one of my grandmother’s lived here so I was always visiting at a young age and I just I loved the climate, how green everything was year round from the rain and how it rarely ever snows.

What’s in your studio? Gear, both soft and hard (software and hardware), what’s up?

FL 10 on an acer PC, lately I’ve been jamming the Micro Korg and Casio ctk-691 analog. For my DJ sets I’m rocking the M-Audio Triggerfinger but I also don’t mind using CD’s if the club has good gear.

How long have you been DJ’ing and producing, and which came first?

I started making my own dance music 6 years ago and it wasn’t until after the first year that I realised that if I ever wanted to perform I would either have to play it live or spin it. so I decided to learn how to DJ.

Do you listen to Kavinsky?

Yes. He is fucking awesome. I was really happy to hear one of his songs in the movie “drive”

I need to know what your favourite 80’s movies are. You like Robocop don’t you?

I have soooo many!! Way too many to name all of them.. E.T, ghostbusters, Indiana jones, rainman to name a few. Robocop is sick, aliens, evil dead 2, full metal jacket.

Favourite 80’s fashion trend. Lay it on me.

Haha I dunno bright colors, ripped jeans and jean jackets.

What bpm do you like to keep things steady with?

Lately I have been ripping 110bpm with production and 120-128bpm for DJ sets.

Before you didn’t have as much synth swagger as you do now, you were in a hardstyle group. How does someone make hardstyle for a minute and then switch over to 80’s drive music the next? Were you always secretly into synth heavy music?

I am kind of schizophrenic when it comes to music. One week I will be listening to a bunch of French house & Nudisco then the next week I will be rocking Hardstyle lol.

It keeps things interesting. I like switching it up. When I first started producing I came across hardstyle and just loved it from day one. It is a good release for me.

Where do your roots lie? Were you alway’s into edm and what, or who, took you there initially?? Inquiring minds want to know. 

I was in a metal band with some friends in highschool and one night I did some magic mush at a party and everyone went home early but i was still ripped so I stayed up playing on my piano and that night I had a realization that I wanted to start making dance music.

  Top 3 80’s music influences?

 Robots With Rayguns



What are the best ways for people to keep up with you and your gigs? You reppin the Facebook and that Twitter isht?

Definitely, you can follow me on twitter @swagb0t and facebook.com/officialswagbot,

 I also have a new EP available for free @ www.soundcloud.com/swagbot :D 


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